[Tutorial] Cash out money from CVV to Paypal account

Site to cash out:     http://flashnotes.com


Pay every weekend

Register an account (can use sock,proxy or not)

This account use to up a some notes of by self . (all is english)

When up notes, make a price for it , often from 10 – 25$ for one .

If who buy that notes, u can take 70% from site to ur paypal !

Then u can use sock,proxy and register a new account !

Then use a new account, use cvv buy that notes u uploaded !

In every Saturday, money will transfer to ur paypal account !



Have fun !


Selling CVV, Dumps Track 1&2, Transfer WU & Paypal Account Verified hacked full info high balance !

Support 24/7:
Yahoo ID: scvv@yahoo.com
ICQ : 687236562
Gmail: scvv206@gmail.com
Skype: scvv206

Export provide CVV, Dumps Track 1&2, Dumps with pin skimed, Paypal Account for reseller in Viet Nam
Always have CVV, Dumps Track 1&2 skimmed everyday update !
Accept LR , WU and MG.


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